October 26, 2006

3 more!

I received 2 more requests via email, and the third I just stumbled across when checking my site stats. But they've added the blogroll list to their blog, so I added them to the blogroll! Perhaps an email got lost out there in Hotmail land..

Nature Tales and Camera Trails

Person Place or Thing

River Valley Vettes Corvette Club

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October 13, 2006

New additions

Okay, the blogs listed in previous posts (people who requested links when the blogroll was down) have been added, as well as:

Angel's Silver Insanity

By the way, if anyone with a Live Journal knows how to add the blogroll code to their LJ (rather than just the image), please let us know. Thanks!

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Oh, thank heavens, we're not locked out of the blogroll anymore!!!

I'll be adding link requests as soon as I have a few spare minutes, I just wanted to share the news!

On a related note, the NL blogroll has been glitch-y lately too, so we're not the only ones!