May 29, 2006


Here are a couple of new additions from emails I received this weekend. If you'd like to join the NB blogroll, follow the instructions here.

New Brunswick & Canadian Politics


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May 21, 2006

A bunch of additions

New additions to the blogroll! If you'd like to add your blog, follow the instructions here.

The Sorry Centrist

Evolved from Higher Life Forms

The Baby Army

Harrigan That's Me!

Brikwall's blog

CARP New Brunswick

1001 days, 101 Goals - Can I Do It?

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New BlogRoll!

I've been searching, without success, for a New Brunswick BlogRoll to join, so I figured I'd take up the challenge and create one.

If you would like to join, follow the instructions in the post below.

First link on the blogroll: life as i know it...

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Join the New Brunswick BlogRoll

A BlogRoll is a collection of links to other blogs, usually displayed in the sidebar. People tend to join blogrolls for a sense of community, as the groups are usually based on location or interests. A blogroll is a good way to create more traffic on your website, as well as to stay connected to people with similar interests.

You can join the New Brunswick BlogRoll if:

  • You are from New Brunswick,
  • You live in New Brunswick, or
  • Your blog is about New Brunswick
French and English blogs welcome!


  • You post the BlogRoll list on your site

To join:

  • Copy the text below and insert it into the sidebar of your blog template
<a href=""><img src=""
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"
src= ""> </script>

  • Email me to add you to the list (or to remove you from the list!): nb*nospam* (remove the *nospam*)
    You will receive a response within a month (yes, I know, long time, but I'm a new mother!).
    You will be added once I confirm that the blogroll is listed on your blog.
The blogroll will look pretty much like it does on the sidebar -->

The sites on the blogroll are listed randomly, and the order will change from time to time. Blogs which have been updated in the past 24 hours will have a + before and after the title.

Hints & Tips:

If you are using Blogger, make sure that in the Settings-Publishing tab, you have clicked "yes" for "Notify". If your blog still doesn't appear as updated (and you've posted in the past 24 hours), ping or (Thanks to Saskboy for the tip!) Pinging is not immediate, so give it some time for your blog to show as updated. If it still doesn't work, read the help files for your blog publishing software.

If you want to have the blog names in a smaller font, insert <small>
before the blogroll code, and </small> after the code.

See Saskboy's comment below for instructions on how to fit the blogroll into a scrolling box, so it won't take up as much room in your sidebar.

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