November 22, 2007

Please post the blogroll on your blog!

My apologies for being so lax with the blogroll for many many months. I am still looking for someone to help administer the blogroll, but until I find someone, I will try to post updates more frequently.

It has been brought to my attention that several people listed on the NB blogroll do not have the blogroll links posted on their website. This is one of the only requirements to have your site listed on the blogroll, and is a courtesy to your fellow NB bloggers (from whom you are probably getting some traffic).

You can join the New Brunswick BlogRoll if:

  • You are from New Brunswick,
  • You live in New Brunswick, or
  • Your blog is about New Brunswick
  • You post the blogroll on your site

The instructions for posting the full blogroll and a shorter scrolling box for the blogroll are here.

I will be reviewing the blogs currently listed on the blogroll and contacting the authors of those which do not have the blogroll listed. If you no longer wish to be a member of the blogroll, your listing will be removed.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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