May 21, 2006

A bunch of additions

New additions to the blogroll! If you'd like to add your blog, follow the instructions here.

The Sorry Centrist

Evolved from Higher Life Forms

The Baby Army

Harrigan That's Me!

Brikwall's blog

CARP New Brunswick

1001 days, 101 Goals - Can I Do It?

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scott said...

You have been added!!

Here are some suggestions:
The Carp's Blog
Charles Leblanc
Politics New Brunswick
Progress for NB Project

*Sites that do not have a running blogroll*

Atlantic Canada First
Atlantic Insight
Local Moncton Web
It's the Economy Stupid!"

SkylarKD said...

Thanks for the suggestions!
I emailed the owners of those blogs to see if they would like to participate in the blogroll.

scott said...

No problem, here's another one I forgot to suggest (his blogs has a few SJ area links and bloggers on it):

tenoarman (mark I)